Wang Yongli

Chief Economist, Neptunus; Former Vice President, Bank of China

Wang Yongli is academic member of Graduate School of PBoC, School of Finance of Tsinghua University, member of international consultancy committee of Business School, Renmin University of China, and director of CF40 forum. He joined the finance department of Bank of China in May 1989, participating China's accounting system reform in 1993, foreign exchange management reform in 1994, finance related work in the process of specialized banks to commercial Banks transition in 1995 and establishing (computer) data model for Bank of China in 1996. He became deputy director of Finance Department in 2007 and host department work comprehensively in 2008. He was in direct command of the response of Bank of China to the 2007 U.S subprime crisis and 2008 global financial crisis and has gained profound theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience in fiscal and taxation financial aspects. He also published multitudes of academic articles concerning related areas and much professional work.