International Monetary Review, July 2022, Vol. 9 No. 3

2022-10-04 IMI


Special Column on Global Inflation and China’s Measures to Stabilize Economy

Inflation: a look under the hood from BIS Annual Economic Report

Inflation is back, challenging central banks by Agustin Carstens

Global inflation: the fault of central banks? by Herbert Poenisch

Countries must be prepared for the spillover effects from the Fed's rate hikes by Zhang Ming

External Challenges and Policy Focus of China’s Economy by E Zhihuan

Rate alarms shouldn't influence monetary moves by Zhang Bin

Will infrastructure investment become the key growth stabilizer in 2022 by Xia Le

Monetary Policy

Lessons learned on normalizing monetary policy by Christopher Waller

The Outlook for Inflation and Monetary Policy by Michelle Bowman

Policy-makers should shift focus to economic resilience by Tamim Bayoumi

Global Economy

Why We Must Resist Geoeconomic FragmentationAnd How by Kristalina Georgieva

Speech at the Beijing Launch Meeting of IMF World Economic Outlook by Wei Benhua

Opening Remarks during the Launch of the June 2022 Global Economic Prospects Report by David Malpass

Japan should not intervene to slow the yen’s decline by Mark Sobel

Debt Risks

Defusing debt risks by Xiong Aizong

Borrowers' blues by Xiong Wanting and Xu Qiyuan

Digital Economy

CBDCs for the people by Agustin Carstens

Remarks at the seminar “Central Bank Digital Currency and Crypto Assets” by Li Bo

Regulating innovation or innovating regulation What it takes to make digital finance a success by Joachim Wuermeling

New Framework for the Digital Economy by Tobias Adrian

Green Finance

Interview with Governor Yi Gang on Financial Syste by Yi Gang

Propelling a graceful transition-the role of the financial system by Klaas Knot

Climate Finance and Financial Stability: Some Areas for Further Work by Tobias Adrian

High inflation challenges central banks’ green push by Miroslav Singer

Working Paper

Openness, Rural-Urban Inequality, and Happiness in China by Ma Yong and Chen Diandian

The Role of Investment Bankers in M&As: New Evidence on Acquirers' Financial Conditions by Guo Jie, Li Yichen, Wang Changyun and Xing Xiaofei

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