International Monetary Review, January 2024, Vol. 11 No. 1

2024-01-25 IMI


Special Column on China’s Financial Development

Economic Development in Emerging Markets/Global South CHINA & USA Collaboration a Necessity by Yaseen Anwar

The Central Financial Work Conference and Flow of Funds Analysis to Ensure Better Alignment between the Real Economy and Financial Flows by Herbert Poenisch

The Future of China’s Financial System by Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng

Stable RMB Conducive to High Quality Development by Li Jianjun

Warranted Endeavor to Open Up by Zhang Yuyan

FDI Conducive to Forming Virtuous Cycle by Liu Qing

Economists' Take on China's Economic Outlook in 2024

Global Economy

The Future Monetary System: From Vision to Reality by Agustín Carstens

Global Linkages: Supply, Spillovers, and Common Challenges by Lisa D. Cook

Macroprudential Policy

The Role of Macroprudential Policy in the Stabilisation of Macro-Financial Fluctuations by Pablo Hernández de Cos

Macroprudential Policy: Taking Stock and Looking Forward by Gaston Gelos

Financial Risk and Stability

New Look at Global Banks Highlights Risks From Higher-for-Longer Interest Rates by Charles Cohen, Srobona Mitra and Fabio Natalucci

The Recent Financial Tumult: Lessons and Responses by Klaas Knot

The Importance of Effective Liquidity Risk Management by Michael S. Barr

Monetary Policy

Monetary Policy in Times of Multiple Challenges by Joachim Nagel

Reflections on the Economy and Monetary Policy by Michelle W. Bowman

Climate Policy and Green Finance

Climate Crossroads: Fiscal Policies in a Warming World by Raphael Lam

Green Finance in Emerging Markets: A Ground-Level View by Dimitri Demekas

Climate Risks and Financial Stability: What Can Central Banks and Financial Sector Supervisors Do? by Tobias Adrian

Central Bank Digital Currency

Legitimacy, Privacy, Integrity, Choice: Towards a Legal Framework for Central Bank Digital Currencies by Agustín Carstens

Simplifying Cross-Border Payments through CBDC Technology by Anthony Ralphs

Working Paper

Crises Have Shaped the European Central Bank by Nout Wellink

Openness, Financial Structure and Bank Risk: International Evidence by Ma Yong and Yao Chi

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