International Monetary Review, October 2022, Vol. 9 No. 4

2022-11-02 IMI


Special Column on Recent Developments in RMB Internationalization

        New Geopolitical Environment and Internationalization of RMB by Herbert Poenisch

        Internationalization of the Renminbi Offers an Opportunity for an Alternative Payment Mechanism by Jaya Josie

Global Economy

        A Story of Tailwinds and Headwinds: Aggregate Supply and Macroeconomic Stabilisation by Agustin Carstens

        Global Recession is not Inevitable Despite Looming Risks by Ben May

        Inflation and the Path to a Soft Landing by Hyun Song Shin

        Parity Pains by Ni Shuhui and Xiong Aizong

        Yen Spillout by Zhang Ming and Chen Yinmo


        In Search of a Development Plan for Asia by Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng

        Enhancing East Asia's Regional Financial Safety Net by Chang Yong Rhee

        Hainan to Boost China-ASEAN Exchanges by Chi Fulin

Monetary Policy

        Inflation Expectations, Inflation Persistence, and Monetary Policy Strategy by Catherine L. Mann

        Monetary Policy: Past, Present and Future by Claudio Borio

        A New Era for Money by Eswar Prasad

        Adieu to Modern Monetary Theory – Ending Illusory Unlimited Government Q.E. Power Takes Skill

        and Luck by Henry Chan

        Policy Mix of the Future: the Role of Monetary, Fiscal and Macroprudential Policies by Luis de Guindos

Financial Regulation

        Making the Financial System Safer and Fairer by Michael Barr

        Large Bank Supervision and Regulation by Michelle Bowman

        Trust, Digitalisation and Banking: from My Word is My Bond to My Code is My Bond by Pablo Hernandez de Cos

Digital Economy

        Crypto-Assets and Decentralized Finance through a Financial Stability Lens by Lael Brainard

Green Finance

        Remarks at the Sina Finance 2022 ESG Global Leaders’ Summit by David Malpass

        Doing What's Possible – How the Central Bank and Credit Institutions can Support the Necessary

        Transition Towards a Carbon-neutral Economy by Joachim Nagel

        What Does it Take to Get to Net Zero by Ravi Menon

Working Paper

        Does Lending Relationship Help or Alleviate the Transmission of Liquidity shocks? Evidence from a

        liquidity crunch in China by Bai Yiyi, Tri Vi Dang, He Qing and Lu Liping

        Risk Sharing and Industrial Specialization in China by Du Julan, He Qing and Zhang Ce

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