International Monetary Review, April 2022, Vol. 9 No. 2

2022-04-28 IMI


Special Column on the NPC and CPPCC Sessions

The Work Report by Li Keqiang in View of IMF Article IV Consultations and Fallout of the Ukraine War by Herbert Poenisch

A Commentary on the Economic Strategy Discussed at the 2022 NPC and CPPCC Sessions by Il Houng Lee

Global Partnerships - Building a Shared Human Community in the Time of Crisis by Jaya Josie

Policy Priority Shifting to Pro-growth Again by Xia Le

Resilient China by Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng

With More External Woes, Smart Macro Moves Key to Sound 2022 by E Zhihuan

Global Economy

Continued Concatenation by Zhao Changwen

Force of Circumstance by Zhang Ming

Why the Dollar Won't Be as Strong as Many Think by Mark Sobel

IMF Must Regain Lost Territory by Kevin Gallagher and Rachel Thrasher

The Road Ahead - Lifting Barriers for Cross-Border Payments by Klaas Knot

Central Banking

Challenges for Central Banks by Agustin Carstens

Looking Through Higher Energy Prices? Monetary Policy and the Green Transition by Isabel Schnabel

Financial Regulation

Basel III and Global Cooperation: Where Do We Go from Here? by Carolyn Rogers

The Digital Disruption: The Role of Regulation by Fernando Restoy

Non-Bank Financial Institutions Pose Significant Systemic Risk by Taylor Pearce

Digital Economy

The Future of Money: Gearing up for Central Bank Digital Currency by Kristalina Georgieva

Outlook 2022: Shaping a CBDC Future for Consumers and Businesses by Wolfram Seidemann

Financial Market

Challenging Times Ahead for Reserves Managers by Massimiliano Castelli

Embracing Uncertainty is Vital for Optimal Portfolio Construction by Stephan Meschenmoser and Anthony Chan

Financial Markets Need Stimulus to Stay On by Neil Williams

Climate Change

Measuring Climate Change: The Economic and Financial Dimensions by Li Bo

Four Climate Questions for Central Bankers by Steven Rothstein

Working Paper

Exchange Rate Exposure and its Determinants in China by He Qing, Liu Junyi and Zhang Ce

Digital Financial Capabilities and Household Entrepreneurship by Luo Yu and Zeng Lianyun

International Monetary Review, April 2022, Vol. 9 No. 2